A good relationship depends on good health

So if you are suffering from any kind of psychosomatic or physical, then it’s well worth getting cleared up, so that it’s not detracting your attention from your relationship.


Picture to show how the pain of acid reflux can be distracting

Now this may sound like strange thing to say, but psychosomatic problems are generally caused by stress, and there can be no greater source of stress in life than your relationship!

Equally, it may well be that the stress in your life is impacting your relationship adversely, by detracting attention from your partner, and not allowing you to invest your time and energy fully into the relationship.

In any event, stress reduction techniques are numerous and widespread these days, the latest craze being mindfulness, which is defined as the intentional, accepting, and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on emotions, thoughts and sensations in the present moment.

As I understand it, this is a kind of meditation derived from Buddhist meditation practice including Vipassana. Certainly it’s being used widely to reduce the impact of emotional conditions such as anxiety, and it has indeed gained a lot of popularity worldwide is a way of handling emotions.

Now in my experience, acid reflux and heartburn are generally caused by excess stomach acid that is the result of anxiety or conflict, so on the face of it mindfulness practice would certainly looked like a good cure for these particular problems,

I’m also struck by the observation at this point that mindfulness would be a very good way of becoming more conscious to whatever is going on for you in your relationship.

And therefore it is not only going to serve you in reducing the anxiety that manifests as acid reflux and requires some kind of acid indigestion remedy, but it’s also going to serve you in increasing a sense of connection with your partner anyway.

Another experience that I’ve observed many times in my men’s groups is that when men seek to avoid the feelings associated with some extremely discomforting experience, memory, feeling or belief system, they often block out the pain of the emotion, which makes it worse.

My suggestion to them is always to open up to the emotion, and to feel it, and by doing that, change their relationship with the causative factor.

Now this sounds like a good way of actually improving the quality of your relationship as well, because experiencing everything the relationship brings can certainly improve the quality of connection with your partner.

A lot of people do experience anxiety around relationships, and it does often manifest as heartburn, acid indigestion, acid reflux, or some other discomfort in the area of the stomach.

Traditionally, the stomach area is associated with the power centre of the body, and when you feel that you lack power in your relationship, the symptoms are most likely as a psychosomatic response in the body in this area.

So as well as meditation and mindfulness training, it’s possible to use relaxation to alleviate the symptoms, and it is also possible to use a holistic approach to your life.

This is encapsulated very well in Heartburn No More by Jeff Martin, who has managed to combine together a system dietary, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes, that address all of the issues that I’ve spoken about above.

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Picture to show how diet can impact your stress and indigestion

So for example, dietary changes would include reducing the amount of food you consume that you know stimulates any allergies, or sparks off excess acid production.

Lifestyle changes might include drinking less alcohol or consuming less tobacco, and perhaps giving up a sedentary lifestyle in favour of one that contains a defined exercise program.

It’s also wise to check with your doctor to ensure that you have no underlying medical conditions such as hiatal hernia, or Helicobacter pylori infection.

Having said all that, ultimately it’s your responsibility to adopt this dress reduction measures that can reduce stomach acid production, and no amount of advice from your doctor, or prescription medication from the pharmacy, will impact on the underlying causes of acid reflux and heartburn.

Having said all that, it’s sometimes very necessary to take temporary dose of prescription medication to obtain immediate short-term relief when the pain of acid production is too great to tolerate.]

The most effective and most highly recommended medication for this purpose are hydrogen blockers like Zantac and Tagamet, which have been well demonstrated over many decades to be effective and safe medications for this purpose.

The more modern medications such as omeprazole ( commercially sold as Prilosec and Losec) are extremely effective, but have an unfortunate effect when you stop taking them, which is that the acid production increases far beyond what it was before you were taking them, thereby making the symptoms worse.

In years to come, this is undoubtedly going to be one of the major issues with people who wish to come off these medications, perhaps because they’re experiencing side-effects, or perhaps because they simply wish to achieve a more holistic way of life.

For that reason, I recommend hydrogen blockers rather than proton pump inhibitors.

A Good Relationship Depends On Personal Qualities

I would be the last person on Earth to assume that a relationship depended on something as superficial as physical attraction, but of course the truth of the matter is that we all know these things do count for something.

If you’re a man you undoubtedly know that physical attraction is an important factor in at least drawing your attention to women, if not in actual fact deciding which women you want to date.

For the reality for many men is that whilst the ideal of physical attraction is all around us in the shape of gorgeous female models and advertisements, attractive women are very often seen as unavailable or unattainable, and we settle for something that is less than our hearts’ desire.

And of course love can find many ways of expressing itself, which means that in general people find partners whose level of attractiveness is roughly equal to their own. But I think it’s a big step, and an important one, to admit that attractiveness does play a role in relationships, because insofaras that is under your control, you can then influence your chances of getting into relationship with a woman that you want to be with.

DumbbellMore specifically, if you use the appropriate weight loss and fitness training program to build a classically male physique that is appealing to the majority of women, you are putting yourself one factor ahead of many other men in the dating stakes.

And whilst using the analogy of a race might seem crude, the fact of the matter is that the first man to cross the line is the one who gets the prize. Coming second counts for little.

So in terms of relationships and dating, as I’ve already said, levels of physical attractiveness tend to be equal between men and women – and this is undoubtedly because we calculate at some level how attractive we see ourselves to be – and make the assumption that only people of similar level of attractiveness will be interested in us.

If you look around at the couples you know, you can see how true this is.

1-1 (1)But what if there is actually a way in which you can make yourself more attractive to women? Well, I think it exists, and I think it’s called the Adonis Golden Ratio – check this out here.

Those of you who study classics may know that the golden ratio is supposedly a classic formulation of proportion in any living organism — and in fact, as argued by some, in any construction of any kind. It’s supposedly the proportions of one part to another that are most aesthetically pleasing.

And in the mathematically derived formula that calculates the golden ratio (aka Fibonacci series), it turns out that there is a similar proportion of body length to torso length to chest width and shoulder width in men.

The Golden Ratio,as exemplified in the male torso, is supposedly more attractive to women, and indeed there is plenty of evidence to actually demonstrate that women do indeed seem to pay more attention to men who have a  bodily form that represents the various aspects of the golden ratio.

This has inevitably led to speculation that we are all designed genetically to “fit” the golden ratio and any variation from this in the male form is about body posture, muscle tone, exercise, fitness and indeed, perhaps regrettably, fatness.

11-1 (5)So the Adonis golden ratio is a system that’s emerged on the Internet and achieve massive popularity recently because it claims to be able to adapt the male body form to the golden ratio, thereby making the man concerned more attractive to women.

The author John Barban is certainly a man who’s got plenty of experience in fitness training and weight loss, and I do have a sense that actually he’s onto something. Whether that’s basically as crude as a particular male body proportion equalling greater female attractiveness, is hard to say, but I believe you will never lose anything by engaging in fitness programs because your overall health and energy levels are going to go up, while your stress levels will come down.

Nonetheless if you want to check out any of the following — rapid weight loss, losing weight fast, losing 10 pounds in 12 weeks, diet plans for men, fitness regimes, bodybuilding for men, and muscle toning for men, then the Adonis golden ratio online program certainly has all the information that you need to achieve success.

The Essence Of A Great Relationship

If you think about it, the essence of a great relationship is two things: great sex, and emotional connection.

The sad fact of the matter is that few of us are good at these things.

For example, if you think about the start of a relationship, it’s often a slightly awkward and embarrassing affair with people who don’t have the social skills and dating expertise necessary to meet each other and connect emotionally.

Instead, there’s fumbling, backwards and forwards, misunderstanding, and perhaps even irretrievable breakdown when one partner doesn’t fulfil the expectations of another.

And I’m not talking about sexual expectations here, although inevitably these do play into a relationship in a rather dramatic way.

Take only a simple example of this, it’s certainly been my experience that many women expect a man to give them sexual pleasure, rather than taking responsibility for achieving it on their own.

Of course the problem with this is that it actually plays into the male ego, and maybe even into some cultural perhaps even biological precedent, which somehow suggest that men are responsible for knowing how to make a woman come.

All of these things can be avoided though, by taking advice from those relationship experts are actually got something worthwhile and interesting to say. I admit that perhaps over the years the Internet relationship advice has become almost redundant, at least in the sense that there’s so much of it. And yet when you think about it even the simple act going out on a date is something that can terrify people.

So information about how to meet people, how to read their body language, how to understand their behaviour, how to predict their behaviour, and all the other aspects of human relationships can be invaluable.

Mike Fiore
Mike Fiore

In fact, I’d go further and say that dating advice is absolutely essential for a great many people particularly those who are inexperienced in relationships.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to a program by Mike Fiore, doyen of Internet dating advice: it’s called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, and its premise is that it can do just that — teach you to capture his heart and produce a long-term relationship.

How does this work, you may well ask? To start with, think of the common misunderstandings that arise between men and women: for example that can be a great first date, where everybody enjoys themselves, and then men simply don’t call back. This irritates, confuses and perplexes women, but actually there’s a very good and simple reason why men do this.

The beauty of Mike Fiore’s program is that he explains to you very clearly male behaviour like this in a way that makes it easy for a woman to understand, and shows how she can respond to men.

This means that with the respect and appreciation of woman, a man can be absolute putty in her hands: that although this sounds a bit complicated, my suggestion is that you don’t worry about it, because the truth of the matter is that dating and relationships are actually quite simple.

All you need is a guide, like a friendly brother or sister, who knows much more than you do about dating and relationships, and in the shape of Michael Fiore and his program, you certainly have one. Click here to find out all about Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.